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Ductwork Repairs

Do you have hot and cold spots in your home? Does your HVAC system just not perform the way it used to? You may have ductwork issues. Repairing or replacing damaged ductwork can significantly lower heating and cooling costs as well as provide more consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Common Ductwork Issues

A. Supply leaks
B. Failed duct insulation
C. Kinks in ductwork restricting flow
D. Return air leaks
E. Leaky duct connections

As ductwork ages it begins to fall apart. To address this issue, all damaged ductwork must be replaced. Depending on the type of ductwork you have in your home, the insulation which surrounds this ductwork generally begins to degrade at 10 or more years. This leaves the ductwork vulnerable to 100+ degree attic temperatures in the summer months. This can lead to increased home cooling costs of up to 40 to 60% in the long run.

Rodents, such as squirrels and mice, can also damage ductwork searching for a cool nest in the peak summer months. Its good practice to check your attic if you’ve had past rodent problems.

We also offer duct cleaning for customers who want to freshen up existing ductwork. This cleaning rids your ducts of up to 99.9% of Mold, mildew, dustmites, and odors. C.R. Petterson Heating & Air, LLC will inspect your ductwork and provide you with results, then discuss options to make the necessary repairs and/or cleaning.

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